Your Two Years at UWC Costa Rica Are Only The Beginning!

Two years in Costa Rica is the beginning of many transformational experiences for every person who joins UWC Costa Rica. The alums community connects with the college to continuously support and inspire one another. Our goal is to support and unite the community of alums through their growing development and to thrive with purpose in the spirit of reciprocity and kinship that bonds generations past, present, and future.

Every generation of UWC Costa Rica is nurtured to become their best selves, empowered to be agents of positive change, and supported by the generosity of a community of giving. Each of our 1,409 alums is called to use the knowledge, skills, tools, relationships, and experiences they gained at UWC Costa Rica to find unique ways to live the UWC mission to transform society through education by making a positive difference in themselves, their families, and their communities through care, integrity, and their vision and idealism for a more equitable and sustainable future.

1,409 alums

representing 129 nationalities since 2006.


UWC Reunions are a long-standing tradition of the UWC movement. At UWC Costa Rica, we celebrate on-campus Reunions every other year and bring together two classes to celebrate the anniversary of our alums' graduation from UWC Costa Rica. We reconnect, revisit our campus, and get excited for what is to come for our community.

The next Alums Reunion will be celebrated in 2025, the LAST ONE in the Santa Ana Campus. We will welcome the classes of 2014 and 2015 for their 10th Reunion, and also invite ALL classes for this transition event. More details will be shared via the alum newsletter (write to to subscribe to the newsletter if you don't receive it already).

Schedule a Visit to our Campus

Visiting Costa Rica? Make sure to re-visit your second home! Our gates are open for you to have a campus tour and relive moments with staff and current students. Remember, all visits must be coordinated at least two weeks in advance, with prior notice if any family or friends will join the visit. Note that UWC Costa Rica is not able to accommodate overnight campus visits.

We invite you to invest some of your visit time in giving your Time and Talent to our campus community. Send us your idea/proposal when contacting us for your visit!


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  • Important Dates

    Alumns will be restricted to only one, 1-hour campus visit pending staff and the College calendar availability, at the following times of the year to protect our student’s study and community-building time:
    • Orientation — 3 weeks in August.
    • Semesters 1 and 3 exams — 2 weeks in November.
    • IB Exam s— April 27 to May 19.
    • Graduation Weekend — May 20 and May 21.
    • Student departure days — May 22 to May 24 (no visits will be approved these days).
    If you have planned your visit during one of these times, we encourage you to take advantage of the gastronomic and entertainment opportunities in Santa Ana to reconnect with educators and students off-campus.
  • Visit our New San Isidro Campus

    As of 2024, we are not able to schedule any visits to our San Isidro property due to the construction of the new infrastructure.
  • Disclaimers

    UWC Costa Rica reserves the right to refuse admission to campus to any alumni whose behavior—during or after UWC Costa Rica—causes a safety or safeguarding concern for our Management Team or whose visit threatens discomfort for any current students or educators on campus.

    Due to our Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy, all campus visitors must be accompanied by an educator at all times during their visit.  Surprise visits or those coordinated on short notice will depend on staff availability. Campus visits typically last 1 to 1.5 hours.  

    UWC Costa Rica reserves the right to revise and change this policy as needed.

UWC Pledge

The UWC Pledge is a global initiative that encourages all UWC alumni to give back their Time, Talent, and Treasure so that the UWC movement can continue to expand its impact and mission. Every UWCer is asked to recognize that our UWC experience has been made possible by a community of philanthropic support and thousands of individuals who give to continue strengthening our community.

As a student, you were equipped with the tools you needed to fully engage in the transformational experience that is UWC Costa Rica. Big or small, our Time, Talent, and Treasure contributions pave the way for future generations of UWC.


Give Treasure

UWC Costa Rica is proud to partner with GlobalGiving; a secured giving site accredited by Charity Navigator and BBB.

Transcript and Certificate Request

We can provide physical and digital copies of your transcript, grade reports, graduation certificate, or enrollment letter. Make sure that you plan, as it can take us up to 3 weeks to process your request.

For physical copies, please send us the address where you need them mailed, and remember that you will need to pay for mailing costs.


Update Your Contact Information

Make sure to update your contact information with UWC Costa Rica so we can keep you connected to our community through Newsletters, relevant event invitations, and other engagement initiatives!

Knowing the life paths our alumni are following fills our hearts with joy and helps us inspire potential students, donors, and each other. 


More Resources

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Impact Stories

Discover all the achievements accomplished by our alums and our community. Make sure to share your story with us to be showcased!
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