Bald for a Cause 2024

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More than 50 students shaved heads and donated hair for cancer patient wigs. This empathy-driven event fosters community support and personal growth, reinforcing understanding of cancer struggles.
On Feb 28,  more than 50 students cut their hair to donate it to the Asociación Metamorfosis, responsible for creating wigs for cancer patients.

"Bald for a Cause is an activity we do every year. It celebrates the search for each person's personality while donating all our hair to this organization. For some people, this process is difficult, so we give each other support and come together as a community," expressed Campbell Taylor, a student from the United States who is part of the Organization Committee in 2024.

More than 50 bags with braids of different sizes and hair types were collected so that the Asociación Metamorfosis can now select them and thus create wigs with natural hair for cancer patients.

"This is very important for us because those little pieces of hair that will end up in a wig are exceptional for our cancer patients. They get very upset when their hair falls out, so they treasure having a natural-hair wig that won't give them allergies," said Francis Cernas, a member of the Asociación Metamorfosis.

Now, the task will be to select by types of hair shades and lengths and then weave the hair of the new wig by hair. An exhaustive and delicate combing must be done to eliminate those of smaller size and make the wig uniform. "That's why it takes between 10 and 12 braids to complete a wig," Cernas explained.

Personal stories

For some students, this act of kindness became a personal challenge. That's why they received talks beforehand to understand the steps they would take and how this showed their empathy towards cancer patients.

"This is an act of solidarity, to empathize with people who are going through a difficult time, such as cancer, but I also see it as a way to get to know myself through this experience," said Ariana’25, a student from Nicaragua.

"My grandfather suffered from cancer, and it was a tough time. I saw him through his ups and downs, but he managed to survive in the end and is now trying to live his last years in peace. Already having a story so close to me, seeing the effects firsthand makes this experience more personal," confessed Santiago’25, a Costa Rican student.

For Cernas, this activity reinforces the importance of understanding the processes that a person with cancer goes through and makes students show empathy for those who suffer from it.


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