Uniting for Sustainable Change: Community Action Week Recap

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In a vibrant display of unity and commitment to sustainable development, our students, teachers, and part of the staff developed our Community Action Week, spanning the seven provinces of Costa Rica.
In a vibrant display of unity and commitment to sustainable development, our students, teachers, and part of the staff developed our Community Action Week, spanning the seven provinces of Costa Rica. This week-long event encapsulated the essence of UWC's mission, values, and principles as students engaged in diverse projects to deliver positive social impact while honoring the environment and fostering community reciprocity.

Here is a recap of each project done in the Community Action Week 2024: 

Refugio Nacional de Vida Silvestre Ostional: Protecting Wildlife Heritage
At the Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Guanacaste, students dedicated themselves to preserving Costa Rica's rich marine biodiversity, mainly focusing on the nesting grounds of the olive ridley turtle. From maintaining local infrastructure to nurturing wildlife nurseries, their efforts aimed to ensure the sustainable coexistence of wildlife and communities.

Biodiversity and Peace: Nurturing Harmony with Nature
The Biodiversity and Peace project immersed students in experiential learning amidst the lush landscapes of the Children’s Eternal Rainforest. Through citizen science initiatives and hands-on ecological exploration, participants deepened their connection with nature while laying the groundwork for biodiversity conservation.

LAST + La Cotinga: Guardians of Marine Ecosystems
Collaborating with the LAST Association and La Cotinga Biological Station, students contributed to sea turtle conservation efforts and mangrove reforestation, recognizing the vital role of marine ecosystems in sustaining coastal communities. By engaging in tasks ranging from wildlife patrolling to cultural storytelling, they championed the preservation of Costa Rica's maritime heritage.

Casa Aiko: Cultivating Cultural and Ecological Wisdom
At Casa Aiko, a Bribrí farm in Talamanca, students delved into the ancestral traditions of cacao cultivation, intertwining ecological stewardship with cultural preservation. Through hands-on involvement in farming practices and multimedia documentation, they honored indigenous knowledge while promoting sustainable agriculture.

Diwo Ambiental: Empowering Indigenous Communities
Partnering with Diwo Ambiental, students embarked on a journey of socio-environmental exploration within Brunka territory. From reforestation initiatives to trail maintenance projects, they collaborated with local communities in addressing climate change and fostering regenerative development.

Rancho Tojijifuru: Sustaining Indigenous Traditions
Immersed in the traditions of the Maleku community at Rancho Tojijifuru, students embraced the holistic relationship between indigenous culture and environmental conservation. Through agricultural activities and community maintenance projects, they honored ancestral wisdom while nurturing sustainable livelihoods.

Fundación Corcovado: Educating for Environmental Stewardship
At Fundación Corcovado, students participated in a multifaceted approach to nature conservation, encompassing regenerative agriculture, beach cleanups, and traditional culinary experiences and integrating education with action empowered local communities to become stewards of Costa Rica's natural heritage.

Finca Agroecológica Campo Alegre: Fostering Sustainable Agriculture
Students at Finca Agroecológica Campo Alegre immersed themselves in the intricacies of sustainable agriculture, from soil conservation to organic farming practices. Through hands-on engagement with regenerative techniques and medicinal plant cultivation, they championed a holistic approach to food production.

Finca La Gran Vista: Nurturing Agricultural Sustainability
At Finca La Gran Vista, students honed their skills in sustainable farming methods, emphasizing water conservation and organic fertilization. By learning from local experts and contributing to agricultural initiatives, they advanced the cause of sustainable development within rural communities.

Cooperativa Los Campesinos: Promoting Rural Resilience
Collaborating with Cooperativa Los Campesinos, students engaged in activities promoting sustainable rural tourism and community development. Through educational outreach and infrastructure maintenance, they fostered positive social impact within the vibrant community of Quebrada Arroyo.

Mariposas del Golfo: Empowering Women through Sustainable Tourism
Students partnered with Mariposas del Golfo and supported rural community tourism initiatives while empowering women in environmental conservation. From mangrove reforestation to traditional craftsmanship workshops, they celebrated the intersection of ecological stewardship and gender empowerment.

Mastatal + Matzú: Building Regenerative Communities
In Mastatal, students joined MATZÚ to foster regenerative communities through environmental education and intergenerational collaboration. From trail maintenance to mural painting, they celebrated the interconnectedness of ecological stewardship and community resilience.

Throughout Community Action Week, students exemplified the core values of empathy, reciprocity, and responsibility, transcending boundaries to create meaningful change in Costa Rican communities. As they return with enriched perspectives and enduring memories, their collective impact serves as a testament to the transformative power of collaborative action in pursuit of a sustainable future.



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