UWC Nominated for Second Nobel Peace Prize

Written by: UWC Costa Rica
Once again, United World Colleges (UWC), internationally recognized for its commitment to education as a catalyst for peace and sustainability, has been nominated for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.
This marks the second time the global educational network, including United World College (UWC) Costa Rica in Santa Ana, Costa Rica, has received this distinction, highlighting its significant impact in promoting positive change by educating talented young people. The previous nomination was in 2022.

"This second nomination is a recognition of UWC's vision and commitment to shaping global citizens who positively contribute to the world for the past 60 years. For us in Costa Rica, as part of the 18 UWC campuses around the world and the only one in Latin America, it is an honor to be part of a renewed education that transforms into a force to unite people, nations, and cultures for peace and a sustainable future," stated Mauricio Viales, current director and founder of UWC Costa Rica.

The nomination, announced by Alfred Bjørlo (V), representative of the Norwegian parliament, highlights UWC's exemplary work in bringing together young people from diverse parts of the world to live and learn together. Bjørlo emphasizes that this initiative is crucial for peacebuilding and creating a better world.

"Our goal is to educate change agents who provoke a positive impact in their communities and all regions of the planet. That's where we believe the work for peace and equal opportunities begins," continued Viales.
The repetition of this nomination underscores the key role that UWCs play in global education, solidifying their position as leaders in educating young people committed to peace and sustainability. The educational network, with 18 colleges worldwide, continues to demonstrate its dedication to building a more just and equitable future through inclusive and collaborative education.

Let's celebrate this momentous occasion and reaffirm our commitment to building a more peaceful and sustainable world through education!

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